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Discovering Your Purpose

Your purpose may involve political involvement or even prominence. Or it may involve playing in the second violin section of a community orchestra or nurturing the needs of children as a mother,  teacher, or daycare worker. It doesn’t matter—one is no better than another. When you find your unique purpose and are on track to getting there, doubts and uncertainty fall away.

I have a profound trust that all of us have a source of inner wisdom that we can learn to tap into. Many people are able to do this on their own, but it can take a very long time. And many people have difficulty in accessing this creative part of our being without help.

Artists, for example, rarely develop their unique style without studying other artists and exposing their art to a variety of teachers, searching for one who can coach them. Hopefully, they eventually find someone who listens well and can tune in to what their art is trying to say. But before they find this person, they may be poorly served by teachers who don’t appreciate the budding artist’s unique talent. The teacher may even discourage them from becoming an artist when the work doesn’t fit the teacher’s template of the “right” way to create art.

Many people have given the issue of life purpose surprisingly little thought. If asked to define what is their guiding principle, they might offer something general like living the good life, being successful at their career, or belief in some general values such as “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” These general principles rarely inspire. Adolescents typically claim that they want more freedom. But if asked “freedom to do what,” it usually turns out to be freedom to drive dad’s car or to stay out late without saying where they’re going. This will not lead to success!

Yet our purpose is at the very core of our being. It embodies our innermost longings, that which we deeply honor within ourselves. It is our noblest part, though it’s not really a part—it’s more like our source, our wellspring. It’s the part that we honor and treat with reverence—in ourselves and in others. From a spiritual perspective, it has a sacred quality.

Simply put, clarity about your purpose is the essential key to success. Its power to effect change can’t be overstated. The promise of coaching lies in this. Clarifying your purpose can ignite the spark that will set you on your path to success.


Your Purpose

I trust the inner wisdom that each one of us is given, and I see my role as assisting you in connecting with this wisdom. In the process, you will learn to identify and conquer limiting beliefs and habits.


I am convinced that everyone is given a purpose—a purpose that, when given total commitment, inevitably rewards us with deep happiness and fulfillment. Coaching is a collaborative task, and we will work together to serve this end.

You have a purpose to fulfill.
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