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What I Do

Trees and Mountains

How I go About It

In our first meeting, I like to hit the ground running, so that by the end of the session, we have gone beyond information gathering. I want you to leave our meetings with a definite idea about how to move forward.


I specialize in helping people identify strengths and ways to work around weaknesses.  I promise my commitment to working with you to slay your dragons and move you beyond apparent obstacles.

You have a purpose to fulfill.

Are You Coachable

Are you coachable? Do you have enough humility to face what hasn't worked in your life or where your skills leave room for improvement? If your relationships keep crashing, are you willing to look at your role in this?

My job is to help you succeed and a large part of success is taking an honest look at our failures and learning from them. This is not an easy task and it requires courage and patience with oneself. Together, we will examine the obstacles that have impeded your progress and develop a strategy/plan to guide you past them.


Are you willing to go beyond your comfort zone?


Coaching Tools I Use

Over many years of experience, I have developed an extensive toolbox that allows me to individualize my coaching to match your style and needs.

Some of these tools include

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Writing tasks and journaling

  • Identifying your personality style along with its strengths and challenges

  • Reviewing what has and what has not worked in the past

  • Role-playing exercises

  • Specific “focusing” strategies

  • Addressing specific needs such as health issues or necessary lifestyle changes

My Toolbox


Though my work is broadly based, I have particular expertise with issues related to career, relationships, and values or spiritual conflict.  Often clients have concerns that involve several different areas.


Relationships figure heavily in the coaching process, even if the focus is not a relationship issue.

If you think about it, our lives take place in the context of relationships.


How I can Help You



With Ourselves and With Others

We have a relationship with ourselves. Our inner dialogue may be positive: “I accept myself”, “I am good enough,” “I’ve got what it takes.” These positive themes also affect how others see us. Sadly, the dialogue with ourselves may also be negative: “I don’t trust, like, or value myself.”


Our relationships with others are a reflection of our inner dialogue. Coaching promotes awareness leading to self-confidence and success. It frees us to become more creative and innovative. 

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