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About Me

Trees and Mountains

Rob Dreyfus, M.D.

I was drawn to coaching from my own experience—failed marriages, being held back by unquestioned habits, by conforming to others’ expectations, and by tolerating a mediocre tennis game.


Coaching dramatically liberated me in a way that workshops, self-help books, and therapy had failed to do. I can now enjoy the concrete results of a deeply loving marriage, of freedom to express my unique talents, and of a respectable tennis game.

You have a purpose to fulfill.

None of these things would have been accomplished as long as I persisted in believing that I didn’t need to consult with someone, that I could just work it out on my own. Certainly, some people do figure it out on their own. I doubt that anyone had to tell Mozart to try composing music or tell Einstein to take an interest in physics. But since I’m not Mozart or Einstein, I wasted years trying to work things out—stymied by problems that others could plainly see, but that I was blind to.


Based on my personal experience—and the experience of those whom I’ve coached—I’ve developed a clear awareness of what gets results and gets them most efficiently. I’ve learned the importance of focusing, and of not making excuses for being stuck or frustrated.


And I’ve learned the importance of clear, thought-out goals that help organize our priorities without trampling on our values. People’s goals are often vague and don’t do a good job of providing the energy that’s necessary for motivation and inspiration. At the same time, people’s values are not always honored by how they actually speak and behave.


I want to know what gets you excited, and how you keep the flame of your enthusiasm alive—how your daily activities either nourish or detract from your goals. My experience is that many people waste an enormous amount of time on distractions, or pursuing blind alleys.


In the process of coaching, you will begin to reach those elusive goals, and to experience more fun and vitality, so that you’re eager to get up in the morning and feel the energy of a vibrant life full of meaning and gratitude. 


Let me help you get there!

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